Our team is composed of very motivated collaborators. We have a strong will to guarantee your satisfaction and a very reliable teamwork that forge our work style and are the real asset for our company. We are above all listening to our customers We offer reliable advice and high expertise in order to guarantee our clients’ satisfaction and provide customized solutions with great flexibility in the composition of our products.

With creative and motivated employees, we realize ... manufacture and perfect fitting to the Electronic Service ..., plastic, aluminum, copper, brass...


Development of the technical specifications of the product, including:
• The detailed technical specifications on each module type .
• Technical drawings detailing the electrical connections between cells and cell chains.
• Technical drawings specifying the dimensions and clearances of the modules.
• Technical drawings detailing the various layers of materials in the product.

• Drawings describing the packaging system to be used.

Mounting of modules intended to test the wiring:

Our wiring and installation agents are very experienced and reliable; the run a very organized and unbeatable work constituted of the following phases:
• Reading and interpreting a circuit diagram.
• Installation and assembly of components according to specific instructions.
• Brewing of electronic components.
• Wiring and interconnection of cards, racks or equipment.
• Detection of defects related to production.

• Use control and test devices
• Complete the necessary documentation to quality plan.
• Maintain top level to job.
• Ensure the security of workstation; Implement quality control specifications and perform work with auto control.

Installation of test bay to test electronic cards:

You can rely on us to find the electronic rack that fits your needs and protect your equipment; your electronic and strategic system.

We are always at your service to adapt our offer to your project .Choose from our wide range of preconfigured bay the product that will best fit your specific needs.


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